Syskonen Soybex sweet Miracle (Tuva, Klein) och Soybex Whimsical Miracle (Wimsa, Mittel) Var på SKK;s Nationella utställning i Västerås 20180428.

Båda fick Very Good av domaren Paul Scanlon (Irland) med fin kritik.



Very good for breedtype, feminin head, good eye, wellset ear, needs more developement in forchest and body, would like a little bit more neck, good topline when standing correctly, wellset tail, good angulations behind, exellent coat and coulor, needs to be more definite on the move, good picture standing.


Wimsa 2017025

Very good for breedtype, typical head, lovely alertik expression, good scull, wellset ears of correckt shape, good in neck, good topline, nicely set tail, good angulation bhind, super coat and colour, needs to be more animated, needs move difint frontaction, good picture standing.